ALL watercraft of any kind that are being launched on Mill Lake MUST BE POWERWASHED prior to launching!

This is to prevent foreign creatures and weeds from being added to our beautiful lake.

Brookside Estates

Originally owned by Fred Maier, this beautifully forested property was purchased in 1998 by Brookside Farms (George Fritz, Sr. and family). The subdivision extends from the Bulow property to the northern boundary of Shamrock Shores.

Subdivided into 15 lakefront lots, there are also 24 back lots and a common area with a boat ramp. Access to this common area is limited to Brookside residents and is secured by locked chains. There are presently eight lakefront homes in the subdivision including the original Maier cottage. There are no homes on any of the back lots.

Many of the lake lot owners also own the lots behind their lakefront property that preserve the beauty of the pine forest.

Lot owners are members of the Brookside Estates Condominium Association, with a board of directors who administer, operate, manage and maintain the subdivision.