Shamrock Shores Trustee Report 2017

Our roads continue to improve as we add additional stabilizing material to reduce the washboard effect. A major addition to stabilizing is the dust control added to each road in late May 2016. This helps to bind the material and aids in reducing the amount of dust from traffic. We will continue this step in 2017.

Pier 7 (Jim Linemann memorial Kids Fishing Pier) was used extensively by young and old alike.

Year 1 of our Goose Relocation Program (GRP) was a success! Eighteen geese were rounded up and relocated safely to northern Michigan. This year there will be another round up with hopefully the same results. This means cleaner beaches in Shamrock and a safer place for all to play and enjoy our beautiful lakeshore.

If our budget will allow, we plan to once again remove dangerous tree limbs and certain trees that pose a danger to residents and guests.


  • A fee of $50 per watercraft annually will be charged to Mill Lake property owners/guests who are not property owners in Shamrock for the use of our boat ramp.

  • ALL watercraft of any kind that are being launched on Mill Lake MUST BE POWERWASHED prior to launching! This is to prevent foreign creatures and weeds from being added to our beautiful lake.

    Please remind your guests and family members not to discard trash along our roads. Let’s all show some pride in our community.

    Speaking of trash — please put a bungee cord over your garbage container. If you don't, then leave on Sunday and the trash isn’t picked up until midweek the raccoons will dumpster-dive and one of your neighbors will be picking up your trash!

    Remind family members, guests and contractors to obey the speed limit on ALL roads in Shamrock. 15 miles per hour or less. Also helps keep the dust down.

    Remind your guests that the direction of watercraft on our lake is in a counterclockwise direction.

    Have fun on our beautiful lake and let’s be careful out there.


Shamrock Shores

History of Lake Mill Club (Shamrock Shores)
By Joan Scott Berg

Around 1926, George Sage owned this beautiful land surrounding Lake Mill – named because a huge lumber mill bordered the south end of the lake.

While George was in Florida, he was involved with development of a subdivision in Sarasota. He returned to Gobles, and decided to develop an area around the lake. They first set aside property for family and friends – and decided to sell 50-foot lots to friends and by “word of mouth” only.

They had a brother living in Chicago who had a young Italian “war bride” living next door, Mrs. Slade, whom he told she would receive $10 for every lot she sold for $50.00. She was a great little saleswoman.

So, one day she convinced my parents to check out this beautiful private lake. I was 10 yrs. old when we made the long five-hour drive on two-lane roads, sometimes gravel roads, to Gobles, Michigan and they purchased two 50-foot lots. Then my father, a contractor decided to plan and build “The Scott Cottage." I remember we came up – Dad pitched a tent and he drew up the plans for our home.

At that time, as we came over the hill there were only three cottages; Dwyers, Jagermans, and Powers Girls, an ice house and the cobblestone built by George's father.

As time passed and our community expanded we talked of having a gathering space – folks had formed a little Lake Mill Club. My father, Alex Scott, designed and oversaw the construction of the Clubhouse (photo above). Alex Scott, Matt Dwyer, and I think, Bill Jagerman signed the note – the little community paid it off by having card parties, etc. in Chicago homes during the winter.

Today, the homeowners pay yearly dues to maintain the roads and grounds – we have never received “outside” help – it is self-sustaining, which makes it so private.